Why Create And Buy Your 3D NFT Assets On MetaHi?

MetaHi is designed to provide creators and users with the most benefits and utilities possible from their 3D NFT assets. We have our creators and users in mind. Here are some benefits you get when you create or buy your 3D NFT Assets on MetaHi:
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MetaHi for Creators
Low transaction FeeCreators can profit more from their projects by benefiting from MetaHi’s low transaction fee. You don’t have to worry about losing your profits to high transaction rates. We offer a transaction fee of 0%, the lowest ever seen in any marketplace. Creator EarningsMetaHi is harnessing blockchain to increase benefits for creators on the platform. 3D asset creators will enjoy up to 15% royalty on earnings from the resale of their 3D NFT assets forever. You can earn more profit than you imagined from your NFT. Multiple Metaverse Integration3D modelers can create any 3D model by working directly with the digital world. We have brought the metaverse closer to you.
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MetaHi for Metaverse Users
Request Custom 3D AssetsUsers on MetaHi will enjoy connecting with creators to create custom 3D models of their choice. If you can imagine it, our creators can create it. Launch On MetaverseYou can immediately launch your purchased 3D NFT assets on any metaverse of your choice on MetaHi just by clicking a button. Crypto PaymentsMetaHi supports crypto as a payment method for 3D assets purchased on the marketplace. You can pay for 3D assets with any listed cryptocurrencies on the platform.
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Create Your Own 3D models, sell or explore them in the digital universe.

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